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The Future of Housing in Los Angeles County

The Department of Regional Planning is working to increase housing choice, affordability and livability in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Read below to learn more about our newest housing initiatives. If you have any questions, please contact the General Plan Development / Housing Section at housing@planning.lacounty.gov or (213) 974-6417.

Housing Element Update

Adopted in 2021

Adopted in 2020

Adopted in 2019

Housing Element Update

Housing Element Update

The County of Los Angeles is currently updating the Housing Element of the General Plan. The County’s Housing Element serves as a policy guide to address housing needs for the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. The primary focus of the Housing Element is to ensure decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing for current and future residents of the unincorporated areas, including those with special needs. For more information, please visit the Housing Element page.

Inclusionary Housing Ordinance


The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires new residential projects to set aside a percentage of units for affordable housing. The inclusionary housing requirement varies based on housing type, project size, project location, and affordability level. Projects may also satisfy the requirement through off-site new construction. For more information, please visit the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance page.
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Interim and Supportive Housing Ordinance


The County has adopted the Interim and Supportive Housing Ordinance to encourage the development of housing that is critical to ending homelessness. Interim housing provides short-term stays and various services for people experiencing homelessness until they are connected with permanent housing. Supportive housing is affordable housing combined with a comprehensive array of services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy, and dignity. For more information, please visit the Interim and Supportive Housing Ordinance page.

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Affordable Housing Preservation Ordinance


Affordable housing preservation seeks to maintain the supply of lower-cost housing to avoid displacement of tenants or the loss of affordable units due to new development. The Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance to preserve existing affordable housing that considers a variety of anti-displacement strategies, such as the regulation of condominium conversions and one-for-one replacement or “no net loss” policies. For more information, please visit the Affordable Housing Preservation Ordinance page.

By-Right Housing

By-Right Ordinance

The By-Right Housing Ordinance allows multi-family residential developments by-right in certain zones where appropriate. Streamlining the review process for these developments can help property owners and developers save time and money, which in turn helps increase housing production. More information can be found at the By-Right Housing Ordinance page.

Compact Lot Subdivisions

Compact Lot Image

The intent of the Compact Lot Subdivision Ordinance is to promote affordable home ownership through the allowance of smaller, fee simple lots, in areas zoned for two-family and multi-family housing where infill development is encouraged. A “compact lot subdivision” is a land division that creates single-family residential lots with an area of less than 5,000 square feet. These compact lots are generally less than 50 feet wide, with modifications to other development standards, including but not limited to setback, street frontage, and access requirements. More information can be found at the County’s Compact Lot Subdivision Ordinance page.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units, also known as ADUs, “backyard homes,” or “granny flats,” are an existing source of lower-cost housing in single-family neighborhoods. They can provide rental income for homeowners or additional living space for family members. The County has updated its regulations on ADUs to comply with State laws that encourage ADUs and provide more flexibility for homeowners. More information can be found at the County’s ADU page.
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Density Bonus Ordinance Update

Density Bonus Image

Los Angeles County’s Density Bonus Ordinance encourages developers to provide low-income housing by providing additional density and other zoning incentives. The County has updated its existing Density Bonus Ordinance to provide incentives for deeper affordability, a longer affordability period and preservation of affordable units. More information can be found at the Density Bonus Ordinance page.

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