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Services Provided FAQ

What kinds of questions can you answer at the public counter?

The Department of Regional Planning performs all land use planning functions for the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Staff at the public counter provide land development counseling and project/case intake. For more information on our office locations and hours, please click here.

Can I buy a zoning map?

Please click here for more information. You may also choose to contact the public counter for assistance.

Where can I find an application?

Please click here for our applications and more information. If you need assistance in determining the appropriate application, please contact the public counter staff for more information.

What kind of information can I obtain from your website?

The following are some of the information you can currently obtain from our website, http://planning.lacounty.gov/:

    1. The Los Angeles County Zoning & Subdivision Codes (Titles 21 & 22);
    2. Most of our application forms;
    3. Fee schedule;
    4. Plans & Ordinances, including draft ordinances, ordinances approved by commission and board hearing pending, as well as newly adopted ordinances;
    5. Hearing and meeting agendas, as well as a monthly report of case submittals;
    6. Find your zoning using Z-NET Public - a very simple way (added January 2011). Click here to begin.
    7. Our interactive GIS system, allowing for you to determine your property’s zoning and land use designation!
Where can I find the Zoning Ordinance?

Please click here for the Los Angeles County Code Title 22 Planning and Zoning & Title 21 Subdivisions.

How can I find out whether certain structures are legal on my property?

The legality of structures is verified with building permits. Building permits are issued by Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Building & Safety Division. For information about previously issued permits on your property, please contact your local Building & Safety office. Please call the main office at (626) 458-3173 for information about your local office.

Where can I obtain copies of building permits?

Building permits are issued by local Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Building & Safety offices. For information about previously issued permits on your property, please contact your local Building & Safety office. Please call the main office at (626) 458-3173 for information to find out which office handles your property.

For information regarding the obtainment of building permits for proposed projects, please contact Building & Safety to determine the permits and approvals that are needed. Note that Building & Safety will refer you to first obtain approvals from other departments, such as the Regional Planning Department, before their issuance of a permit for your project. The permitting process involves review time and fees. We encourage you to obtain this information before you start on your project so that you may plan accordingly.

I believe my neighbor is encroaching onto my property, what can the Regional Planning Department do about this?

Unfortunately, the Regional Planning Department does not get involved in civil matters. We advise that you hire a private surveyor to determine the boundaries of your property and, if necessary, obtain legal advice.

Is the Regional Planning Department currently hiring? What positions are available?

Please click here for job opportunities.

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