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    Los Angeles County has prepared a draft of the West Carson Transit Oriented District (TOD) Specific Plan. The plan promotes improved access to transit, housing, and jobs and a healthier, safer environment for walking and biking. The plan will regulate what types of homes, businesses and facilities can be built and where; building design and street improvements; and parking standards. The County has determined that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will need to be prepared for the plan. The County has prepared a Notice of Preparation (NOP) to provide Responsible Agencies and other interested parties with information describing the plan and to identify its potential environmental effects pursuant to State requirements. Copies of the draft plan and the NOP are available for review at the links below.


    The County held a public meeting on Wednesday, February 1, 2017, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the A.F. Parlow Library Auditorium on the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Campus. The purpose of this meeting was to receive comments on the plan and hold a scoping meeting pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Click here for the meeting presentation.

    West Carson Public Scoping Meeting Flyer
    Public Scoping Meeting Flyer - Added 1/9/2017


    Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning is preparing the West Carson Transit Oriented District Specific Plan. The Plan aims to improve access to transit, housing, and jobs, while creating a healthier, safer environment for walking and biking. The final document will be based on collaborative efforts with residents, other County agencies, adjacent cities, and other stakeholders, and will contain standards for zoning and land use as well as a mobility strategy, an economic development strategy, a capital improvement plan, and urban design guidelines for the West Carson Transit Oriented District area.

    Boundary Map

    West Carson Boundary Map

    What is a TOD?

    A Transit Oriented District (TOD) is an area located within a ½ mile radius from a major transit station that has development and design standards and incentives to facilitate transit-oriented development. Accordingly, transit-oriented development is development that is concentrated around transit stations. Transit-oriented development connects neighborhoods, and community and employment centers, through a broad network of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and roadway facilities. The recently updated Los Angeles County General Plan identified 11 areas, including West Carson, which will be the focus of TOD efforts and strategies. For each of these areas, the County will prepare a TOD Specific Plan.

    What is a Specific Plan?

    A Specific Plan is a set of policies and regulations for land use and development that are tailor-made for a particular community or area. Specific plans address communities’ needs and priorities in land use, infrastructure improvement, housing, streetscape, open space, traffic, etc. Preparing a Specific Plan involves community outreach, collaboration with other cities and County agencies, research, data analysis, and environmental impact analysis. A Specific Plan is an appropriate tool for the County’s TOD efforts as it can be tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of each community, and address access and connectivity, pedestrian improvements, and safety.

    Why West Carson?

    West Carson has all the elements that make for a successful TOD. The major transit station in the area is the Carson Metro Bus Station along the 110 Freeway, which is the focal point of the TOD area. West Carson is also located in close proximity to the Harbor Gateway Transit Center, the major transit hub in the South Bay region of the County. West Carson is also home to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, which lies at the center of the community, and is a major employment center that attracts thousands of commuters to the area each day. West Carson also has bustling commercial corridors, bike lanes, streets and sidewalks, which could be optimized to support more pedestrian-friendly streets.

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