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Sep 17, 2008
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Sep 16, 2008
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Zoning Ordinance Summary, Commercial Zones,

Zone C-1: Restricted Business

Permitted Uses:

  • Zone C-H uses, commercial services, retail sales of new goods and genuine antiques (22.28.080)

Minimum Required Area:

  • No minimum required area. But see 21.24.240 of L.A. County Code - Subdivisions

Maximum Height Limit:

  • 35 feet, or as provided in community standards district (22.28.120)

Minimum Required Parking:

  • General commercial and medical offices - 1 parking space for each 250 sq. ft. of floor space.
  • Other office uses - 1 parking space per each 400 sq. ft. of floor space (22.52.1100). See applicable use – Part 11, Chapter 22.52
  • Eating/drinking establishments – 1 parking space for each 3 persons, based on occupant load determined by Public Works Department, (minimum of 10 parking spaces). (22.52.1110)

Building Setback:

  • 20 feet for front or corner side yards where property adjoins a parkway, major or secondary highway. On local streets - same as the adjoining residential or agriculture-zoned property (22.28.120)

Maximum Lot Coverage:

  • 90% of net area of lot
  • 10% of net area must be landscaped (22.28.120)

Outside Display:

  • C-H uses plus a few additional uses (22.28.120)

Outside Storage:

  • Not permitted (22.28.120)

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