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Major Accomplishments FY 2011-2012

Agency Collaboration

  • Participated in SCAG’s completion of SB 375 and the 2012 RTP

Department Productivity

  • Completed the Hacienda Heights Community Plan progress report
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Board of Supervisors: 1
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Regional Planning Commission: 18
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Hearing Officer: 33
  • Investigated 3,286 zoning violation reports
  • Re-inspected 4,838 properties and closed 3,211 cases
  • Referred 37 cases to the District Attorney’s Office
  • Performed 383 Conditional Use Permit (CUP) condition checks
  • Investigated 663 new enforcement cases
  • Conducted over 2,332 re-inspections and referred 22 cases to the District Attorney/County Counsel for criminal/civil complaints.
  • Investigated over 2,795 zoning violation reports
  • Liaison with the District Attorney’s Office to insure more productive office conference and criminal complaint filings with the District Attorney
  • Filed 38 cases with the DA Office
  • Performed 321 Conditional Use Permit (CUP) condition checks
  • Released RFP and reviewed proposals for air quality monitoring services
  • Reviewed and selected of Peer Reviewer for PXP’s fracking study

Departmental Productivity

  • Reviewed and heard approximately 65 cases as Hearing Officer
  • Completed four projects covered by supplemental fee agreements (Pepperdine University, Aviation Station, Landmark Village and Mission Village)
  • Continued processing of Newhall Land projects, Disney Movie Ranch,Silverado Power Projects, Centennial and Universal Studios Specific Plans
  • SEATAC meetings conducted (35 projects and items reviewed) : 10
  • Advised County Supervisors’ Offices as well as other County departments on environmental issues
  • Environmental documents reviewed for outside agencies: 325
  • Written evaluations provided to the CEO of outside agency environmental documents: 8
  • Reviewed and commented on all Initial Studies prepared by Advance Planning Division
  • Reviewed and commented on some Initial Studies prepared by Current Planning and Land Use Regulations Divisions
  • Provided biological review and reporting for the following renewable energy projects: AV Solar Ranch One; Alpine Solar; Blue Sky; Silverado collective projects; Sunlight Partners collective projects; SunPower Kern LA AV Solar; SunPower collective projects; LA Solar 20; Ruby Solar, Wildflower (Element)
  • Provided biological review and reporting for the Centennial Specific Plan and Project
  • Subdivision and zoning actions processed by the Hearing Officer, Regional Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors: 63
  • One-Stop meetings conducted with participation of the Subdivision Committee staff members: 28
  • Participated in the PALMS Cash Collecting and Accounting Group Best Practices Study
  • C of C’s processed including CC Corrections and Clearances, and Certificates of Exception: 250
  • LLA cases processed: 24
  • In-person counseling at the public counter: 7800
  • Telephone inquiries received: 68000
  • New Site Plan Review and Zoning Conformance Review processed: 1100
  • Plot plans scanned for ECM Scanning Pilot Project: 1600
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Board of Supervisors: 1
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Regional Planning Commission: 18
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Hearing Officer: 33
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Board of Supervisors: 1
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Regional Planning Commission: 18
  • Public hearing item(s) presented to the Hearing Officer: 33
  • Released GIS-NET3 (enhanced, all-in-one GIS web mapping application)
  • Completed approx. 400 GIS Work Requests (for maps, mailing labels, services, etc.)
  • Complete overhaul of Significant Ecological Area (SEA) maps and website presentation of maps and associated reports. Included work on existing and proposed SEA programs
  • Continued monitoring 26 DRP contracts and purchase orders totaling $3.5 million dollars
  • Completed consultant solicitation for Baldwin Hills Air Quality Monitoring Study
  • Completed authorization of three Delegated Authority Agreements (DAAs) for Santa Monica Mountains Certification Effort in June 2012
  • Completed timely analysis of 29 State legislations
  • Reviewed and coordinated DRP responses to 5 annexation proposals.
  • Provided technical and audio/visual support for over 65 public meetings and/or hearings
  • Prepared over 300 case & hearing and ordinance maps
  • Posted multiple documents for over 250 cases on departmental web site
  • Served over 955,900 pageviews to over 140,000 absolute unique visitors to the DRP public website

Inter-Agency Collaboration

  • Assisted Community Development Commission with successful completion of Altadena Visioning Project
  • Coordinated implementation of the Oak Woodlands Conservation Management Plan by several County Departments
  • Section Head served as the Department’s representative on various committees per CEO mandate, including: Santa Clarita Valley Water & Drought Committee; Green Award Committee, and Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP). This assignment has required the Section Head to attend monthly, day-long meetings and to deliver various presentations
  • Fully implemented electronic consultation procedure with other County Departments for zoning permits and draft environmental documents
  • Support for LA County Supervisorial District Redistricting Working Group
  • Supported the Enterprise GIS Steering Committee (eGIS) - City Boundary Update with the Data Committee, GIS Day support, Emergency Planning Group Committee
  • Continued staff liaison efforts with the District Attorney’s Office to insure more productive office conference and criminal complaint filings with the District Attorney
  • Continued to liaison with CEO regarding Strategic Plan implementation
  • Continued participation in eleven (11) Nuisance Abatement Teams and multiple code enforcement task forces
  • Participated in Nuisance Abatement Team training in conjunction with members from the District Attorney Investigators, Building and Safety and Health Department
  • Continued participation in the Illegal Dumping Task Force to resolve and prevent illegal dumping in the Fifth Supervisorial District
  • Continued participation in 12 Nuisance Abatement Teams in the North Service Area
  • Continued participation in 7 Nuisance Abatement Teams
  • Continued participation in Santa Monica Mountains Code Enforcement Task Force
  • Continued participation in the Los Angeles County Residential Placement Protocol Task Force
  • Continued coordination with DPW, Fire, AQMD, DOGGR to ensure monitoring of CSD implementation

Planning and Research

  • Completed revision of the East Los Angeles 3rd Street Specific Plan , initiated the environmental review process, conducted outreach meetings, and community group presentations
  • In coordination with the Department of Public Works, completed amendments to the Green Building Ordinances for discussion by the Regional Planning Commission
  • Secured a grant from the State to prepare an Airport Land Use Compatibility plan for Brackett Field Airport
  • Completed the Preliminary Draft Florence-Firestone Community Plan for public review; held two community workshops to present the Draft Plan
  • Completed and submitted the Historic Preservation and Mills Act report for consideration by the Board of Supervisors
  • Obtained Board approval of the Santa Clarita Valley Area Plan Update (One Valley One Vision) and supporting Environmental Impact Report
  • Continued preparation of the Antelope Valley Area Plan Update (Town & Country) and supporting Environmental Impact Report
  • Obtained Board approval of the Agua Dulce Community Standards District revision
  • Continued preparation of the Significant Ecological Area Ordinance revision
  • Continued preparation of the Hillside Management Area Ordinance revision
  • The Board of Supervisors adopted the Reasonable Accommodations Ordinance
  • Completed community meetings for the General Plan Update and released revised Draft General Plan to the public
  • Completed General Plan and Housing Element Annual Progress Report for CY 2011
  • Completed a major amendment to the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program and Marina del Rey Specific Plan
  • Provided biological review and reporting for the Significant Ecological Areas (SEA) Program
  • Prepared 2nd draft of SEA criteria, SEA descriptions, and coastal resources for the General Plan conservation element
  • Provided biological review and reporting for the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program
  • Provided biological review and reporting for the Santa Monica Mountains North Area Plan
  • Provided biological review and reporting for the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Program
  • Prepared the Healthy Design Ordinance and processed it through Public Hearings.
  • General Plan Buildout Analysis Support
  • Mapping support for all countywide and community planning efforts; but especially intensive analysis and mapping for the General Plan Update Program, Town & Country and Hacienda Heights
  • Prepared Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Ban Ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors
  • Rural Outdoor Light District Ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors
  • Developed proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance that are consistent with the General Plan
  • Presented 8 Divisions (Volume 1) of the Technical Update to Title 22 to the Regional Planning Commission
  • Produced an Architectural Guidelines Manual
  • Produced the Wireless Telecommunications Policy Memorandum

Customer Services Improvement

  • Improved public service counseling services by taking over and managing the Land Division One-Stop Counseling meetings
  • Reduced the amount of paper used and reduced case processing time by reviewing projects digitally
  • Improved case processing time and quality by distributing project materials digitally
  • Renovation of the Lancaster Field Office was finally completed. Staff from the Field Office and Zoning Enforcement Sections are now co-located with Public Health and Public Works at the public counter
  • NACo Achievement Award for Z-NET Public - GIS Web Mapping Application
  • Received the “Exemplary Systems Award” from the California Geographic Information Association (CGIA) in 2011 for the Z-NET Public “Interactive Map”
  • Participated in multi-departmental PALMS Bridge to Implementation project. The project consisted of five components: a Stakeholder Committee, Process Improvements in Enforcement and Inspections, Process Improvements in Cash Collection and Accounting, ECM Technology Pilot Projects, and a Videoconferencing Pilot
  • Continued enhancement of information/services provided via the public Internet and private intranet
  • Created multiple graphic & video assets for various Department projects
  • Continued development of protocols for enforcement of illegal scrap metal yards, including creating a brochure for starting scrap metal yards in the unincorporated area, conducting outreach and education in Florence-Firestone and Willowbrook, and documenting existing scrap metal yards in these communities
  • Worked with consultant to review existing ZE business practices

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Assisted and trained Current Planning and Land Use Regulations Divisions on environmental review and/or mitigation monitoring procedures

Workforce Excellence

  • Conducted general subdivision training for DRP staff.
  • In consultation with Office of Security Management (OSM), conducted Threat Management and Workplace Violence Training for all departmental staff
  • Received 2011 Productivity and Quality Award - Plain Language Award for postcard public notification project
  • Collaborated with the Zoning Permits West, Community Studies West, Land Divisions, and Land Development Coordinating Center/Field Offices section to develop quarterly training for staff in West Service area and other interested department staff

Community Engagement

  • Coordinated DRP’s participation at community meetings promoting DRP projects and services
  • Coordinated and prepared DRPs submittals to 14 County publications
  • Enhanced and expanded our community outreach efforts by attending 4 community Outreach meetings
  • Continued working together with Rowland Heights Coordinated Council to resolve zoning violation concerns in the community of Rowland Heights Continued implementation of Rowland Heights Sector Program by which zoning enforcement staff conducted windshield surveys of every property in Rowland Heights for compliance with the Zoning Code
  • Attended 37 community outreach meetings including Community Town Councils, Consolidated Plans meeting, and Community Plan meetings, and Baldwin Hills Community Advisory Panel meetings
  • Continued staffing monthly Baldwin Hills CSD Community Advisory meetings

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Established and executed agreement for document storage services as required by the Board of Supervisors with a qualified vendor
  • Established department vehicle policy applicable to all mileage vehicles, field use vehicles, and personal use vehicles
  • Completed various internal audits and reviewed curtailment program reports on areas that can be reduced to maximize department savings and ensure unneeded services are eliminated such as aircards and phone expenses
  • Completed and submitted the Department’s Budget Request for FY 2012-13 to the Chief Executive Office
  • Completed the Department’s Indirect Cost Proposal for Fiscal Year 2011-2012 and established Fiscal Year 2011-2012 billing rates for planning services, receiving Auditor-Controller approval in October
  • Prepared and submitted to the Auditor-Controller documents for the FY 2011-2012 Internal Control Certification Program including the Fiscal Compliance Certifications, List of Assessable Units, and List of Assessable Units - Supplemental
  • Support for implementation of the Electronic Content Management Project including support for large format scanning workflows
  • Developed and implemented a departmental Vehicle Loss Control Program
  • Developed and implemented an Office Ergonomics Program
  • Developed and implemented enhancements to the New Hire Orientation Program
  • In collaboration with the Systems Analysis (IT) Section, implemented enhancements to newly developed High-Level Solution Design Document system (web-based solution) for Policy, Desk Procedures and Internal Control Procedures
  • Implemented various County systems including e HR core system modules (personnel, position control, time and attendance, payroll), Performance Net and Absence Management System (AMS)
  • Participated in taskforce to study feasibility to implement a countywide policy for background investigations for contract personnel.
  • Updated the DRP Strategic Performance Measurements consistent with the Performance Counts! Initiative
  • Completed DRP Operations Plan FY 2011-12 in September 2011
  • Updated DRP emergency contact information and maintained emergency supplies.
  • Completed SCAQMD’s annual Average Vehicle Ridership (AVR) survey and obtained 100% response rate with results surpassing target AVR
  • Participated in countywide and Department’s efficiency initiatives designed to improve quality and productivity of DRP services
  • Performed liaison responsibilities to the Quality and Productivity Commission.
  • Maintained 99% average availability of departmental LAN and E-mail servers.
  • Completed initiative to connect all remaining field offices to the County Enterprise Network
  • Assisted in the development and preparation of Mitigation Monitoring Program enforcement protocols and procedures
  • Updated the Permit Inspection Manual

Revenue Enhancement

  • Maximized Community Development Commission (CDC) contract revenue
  • Generated $35,666.00 in Noncompliance Fees (East Area only)
  • Conducted approximately 195 Permit Inspections resulting in approximately $34,050.00 being drawn from individual escrow accounts

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