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Hillside Management Areas - GIS-NET3 Help

Hillside Management Areas

Hillside Management Areas identify areas within unincorporated parts of the county that have a slope of 25% or greater. This article is about the GIS data itself, for more information about the Hillside Management ordinance, please click here.

The Hillside Management Areas are derived from a Slope layer, which originated from a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) that was collected during the Los Angeles Region Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC) in 2006. The DEM has two levels of resolution (or detail), whereas the Forest Areas have 20 foot resolution, and the Urban Areas and Catalina Island have 5 foot resolution, which is illustrated in the screenshot on the lower left. Additionally, there are two areas in the county which have slope provisions that go beyond the countywide Hillside Management ordinance. The Castaic Community Standards District (CSD) and the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Zone and North Area all have provisions for areas greater than a 50% slope. Therefore, these areas have two slope categories: ‘25-50%’, and ‘50% and greater’–the remainder of the county shows only 25% or greater slope. The map on the lower right-hand corner shows these two areas.

HMA Map Resolution
Meta HMA Map Slope Types

Finally, this last screenshot shows how the two slope types are symbolized in a sample area between the Castaic CSD and the Santa Clarita Valley Area Plan. Note again, there is no Hillside Management showing in incorporated cities. Source: Los Angeles Region Aerial Imagery Acquisition Consortium (LAR-IAC), 2006.

Meta HMA Map Slope Types

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