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Connect Southwest LA - Home

Connect Southwest LA - Home

A TOD Specific Plan for West Athens-Westmont

Project Overview (En Español)

Los Angeles County is working on a new neighborhood plan for the area between Los Angeles Southwest College and Metro’s Green Line Vermont/Athens Station. Connect Southwest LA seeks to improve access to transit, housing, and jobs, while creating a healthier, safer environment for walking and biking. Connect Southwest LA will be based on input from residents, County agencies, adjacent cities, and other stakeholders, and will contain zoning and land use standards, a mobility strategy, an economic development strategy, a capital improvement plan, and urban design guidelines.

Project Study Area Map

Project Study Area Map

What is a TOD?

TOD stands for “Transit Oriented District.” TODs are identified in the Los Angeles County’s General Plan as the areas within a half-mile radius of a major transit station and function as a portal to the larger transit network. TOD policies ensure that new development connects neighborhoods to community and employment centers through a network of pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and roadway facilities. The General Plan identified 11 future TODs, including the Connect Southwest LA plan area in West Athens-Westmont. The County will prepare a TOD Specific Plan for each of these areas.

What is a Specific Plan?

A Specific Plan is a tool to implement land use and development policies. The advantage of a Specific Plan is that it can be tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of a community. Specific Plans address land use, infrastructure improvements, housing, streetscape, public safety, open space, traffic, and more. Preparing a Specific Plan involves collaboration with community stakeholders, County agencies, and neighboring cities, and also involves extensive research, data analysis, and environmental impact analysis. Specific Plans are a valuable tool to address issues within the diverse context of each TOD community.

Why West Athens-Westmont?

The Connect Southwest LA plan area has all the elements that make for a successful TOD. First, multiple types of public transit already serve the area. The major transit station in the area is Metro’s Green Line Vermont/Athens Station, which connects to a community served by bus and Link shuttle service. Second, the area is home to Los Angeles Southwest College which is completing significant renovations and attracts commuters to the area each day. In addition, the County has major facilities that serve the area including the recently built Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department South Los Angeles Station and nearby county offices and service center. Finally, the diverse neighborhoods that include single family residential areas, active commercial corridors and multi-family housing are within close range of job centers, amenities and attractions in the region. Connect Southwest LA will ensure that new development complements the area and supports a healthier and safer environment for walking and biking.

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