Meet us at the park! A “Parks After Dark” Update

Our team has been heading out to LA County parks all across the East San Gabriel Valley to let folks know about the East San Gabriel Valley Area Plan. It has been great to meet residents face to face and hear how they want to see their community thrive.

Check out some of the photos  and a recap below!

Hacienda Heights Park

Parks After Dark is an event run by the LA County Department of Parks and Recreation. In neighborhood parks all across the County, special park programming in the evening brings out residents to enjoy these warm summer nights. LA County Departments are also at these events to spread the word about some of the initiatives and projects that we all are working on.

Rimgrove Park

Our “Place-it” models have been a great way to show residents the basic concepts of planning. These wooden models allow for park visitors (including the occasional Sheriff’s deputy) to place imagined structures along a varied street grid. This activity helps grow understanding that how space is used in a community is a sense that everyone shares (and it’s just fun to play with the buildings).

Charter Oak Park

Playing around with these models is a lot of fun, and we want people to know that our team is, in a way, conducting this exercise for the East San Gabriel Valley Area Plan. The community feedback that we hear from residents will let us know how neighborhood space could be better utilized to improve quality of life. Our team then comes up with policies and strategies to help make that happen!

Rimgrove Park

Our team will be at the following Parks After Dark events (from 6:00pm-8:00pm) this month (July):

Park Address Community Date
San Angelo Park 245 S. San Angelo Ave, La Puente, CA 91746 Avocado Heights 7/13/18
Allen J. Martin Park 14830 S. Giordano St, La Puente, CA 91744 West Puente Valley 7/19/18
Basset Park 510 N. Vineland Ave, La Puente, CA 91746 West Puente Valley 7/27/18

We hope to see you there. until next time!