Community Spotlight: Charter Oak

The East San Gabriel Valley Planning Area contains 21 unincorporated communities. In this post we’d like to share some information about one community in particular: Charter Oak.

Charter Oak Context Map

Charter Oak is a 1.019 square mile unincorporated community located in the northern portion of the East San Gabriel Valley Planning Area. The community is surrounded by the City of Covina to the West and South, the City of San Dimas to the East and South, and the City of Glendora to the North.

Current Development Pattern
Consisting of a flat terrain, Charter Oak is developed primarily with single-family residences in a suburban development pattern with cul-de-sacs. Land in Charter Oak is currently used primarily for single and multi-family residential development (86.5%), with most of the remaining space utilized by commercial and government purposes (10.8%).

Housing Types

The majority (60.11 %) of housing units in Charter Oak are owner occupied, while 37.37% of housing units are renter occupied. 2.52% of housing units are identified as vacant.

Owner/Renter/Occupied Housing Units (HUs), 2017 Housing Units % of Housing Units
Owner Occupied HUs 2,001 60.11%
Renter Occupied Hus 1,244 37.37%
Vacant HUs 84 2.52%

Land Use and Zoning
Most of the land use policy in Charter Oak classifies residential land uses (87.1%), with some commercial land uses (7.2%) and limited public uses and open space (5.7%).

Though the land use policy and current development pattern is related to residential development, Charter Oak is still mostly zoned for light agricultural uses (68.3%). Single family homes are allowed to be constructed on agriculturally zoned land, which is why this difference between the zoning and current uses exist,


Population and Growth
As of 2017, the population of Charter Oak is 10,078 residents. Since the year 2000, Charter Oak has seen steady population growth, and is expected to grow 3.4% by the year 2022.

Year Population Population % Increase
2000 9,388
2010 9,638 +2.7%
2017 10,078 +4.6%
2022 10,418 +3.4%

Race and Ethnicity
The largest racial groups in Charter Oak are Hispanic (49.27%), White (30.61%), and Asian (13.49%). 3.80% of the community is black, and 2.09% of the population is of mixed race descent.

Race and Ethnicity % of Population
Hispanic 49.27%
American Indian 0.30%
Asian 13.49%
Black 3.80%
Multiple Race 2.09%
Other Race 0.27%
Pacific Islander 0.17%
White 30.61%

Park information about Charter Oak:

Charter Oak Park Needs Assessment

Want more information about Charter Oak? Stay tuned for our Technical Background Report, which is slated to be released later this year. It will contain more information and data about all of the unincorporated communities of the East San Gabriel Valley.

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