Vote for our Climate Action Mascot!

We are in the process of designing a new logo to represent all the climate action work that we will be undertaking through our Climate Action Plan and Safety Element update. Help us choose a mascot to display on our logo!

You can vote through our Twitter poll from November 6 to 12. We have 4 amazing animals that reside here in Los Angeles County and each is an ambassador to how animals are being affected by climate change.

Click on each picture to read about our candidates!

8 Comments on “Vote for our Climate Action Mascot!”

  1. I am voting for the Monach Butterfly, as a representative of all insect biomass, whose decline does not get enough attention.

  2. Of the choices, I choose the chipmunk and his name should be Alvin. If a write- in is possible, than P-22 Mountain Lion.

  3. I’m not why the coyote is not on the list.. are we looking for cuteness?
    My choice is the Acorn Woodpecker.

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