Take a 7 minute survey to help us understand how you are currently coping with climate induced hazards. 

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Understanding communities’ existing ability to cope and adjust to climate risks will help Regional Planning develop policies and programs that support residents’ safety and well-being. Feedback is critical for understanding. When a wide range of residents share their lived experiences, knowledge, hopes, and concerns, Regional Planning can better understand the views and ideas that have special value and meaning to each community. We understand each community is unique. Our goal is to empower communities and to invite you to be collaborators in this process. To start, dialogue with us through a survey below.

EXTREME HEAT – Nearly all communities will experience more heat events in the future because of climate change.

WILDFIRE – Communities in areas where housing meets undeveloped natural areas will be at increased risk of wildfires in the future because of drought, vegetation buildup, and rising temperatures.

FLOODING – As climate change introduces more frequent and intense storms, the risk of flooding in flood-prone areas is increasing.

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