One Comment on “Los Angeles County CAP – Public review draft out now!”

  1. LA County has the only company in the world that can convert organic waste into stable organic carbon (basically sequester atmospheric carbon faster than soil-based agriculture) but your plan makes no mention of this or support for innovative soil-less agricultural processes. Without support for innovative ways to use organic waste for the aerobic production of biofuels and food crops, this plan misses the interconnected nature of waste disposal, carbon-negative transportation fuels, and urban agriculture.

    As the current plan only supports composting and anaerobic digestion for disposal of organic waste, we are locked out of even attempting to try scaling our process in LA county and will likely have to relocate to somewhere else that is more open to innovation. This process is neither composting nor anaerobic digestion as involves growing crops in the waste during the aerobic digestion process. As an aerobic process, it is less expensive and easier to scale than anaerobic digestion. It also sequesters atmospheric carbon as part of the digestion process, unlike composting. However, as it is not listed as acceptable in this plan, relevant county departments are unwilling to even try this process. Please consider adding this as acceptable technology as we have been doing this reliably since 2016.

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