Three Points


A Three Points CSD is proposed to be created as part of this effort.



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May 8, 2018: Working Meeting

June 20, 2018: Second Working Meeting and Community Field Trip

July 18, 2018: Third Working Meeting



The community of Three Points is located in the far western portion of the Antelope Valley, south of Neenach and northwest of Lake Hughes.  The community is largely undeveloped and is generally not served by existing infrastructure and public facilities, but it does contain some single-family homes on large lots and some agricultural uses.  The community is adjacent to the National Forest, includes environmental resources, such as scenic hillsides and Significant Ecological Areas, and is subject to several safety hazards, including the San Andreas Fault and Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones.

A more detailed description of the Three Points community can be found in the Community-Specific Land Use Concepts chapter of the Antelope Valley Area Plan.