Quartz Hill


A Quartz Hill CSD is proposed to be created as part of this effort.



A list of all AV CSDs meetings and events can be found on the Meetings and Hearings page.



October 4, 2018: Working Meeting (as needed)

October 17, 2018: Working Meeting (as needed)



July 27, 2018: Booth at Parks After Dark Resource Fair @ George Lane Park

August 22, 2018: Working Meeting

September 5, 2018: Presentation at Quartz Hill Woman’s Club

September 20, 2018: Second Working Meeting



The community of Quartz Hill is located in the central portion of the Antelope Valley and is surrounded by the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale.  The community is adjacent to urbanized areas and is largely developed with a wide range of uses, but it retains a semi-rural character and residents wish to keep it an unincorporated community with a unique identity.

A more detailed description of the Quartz Hill community can be found in the Community-Specific Land Use Concepts chapter of the Antelope Valley Area Plan.