Lake Los Angeles


A Lake Los Angeles CSD is proposed to be created as part of this effort.



A list of all AV CSDs meetings and events can be found on the Meetings and Hearings page.



April 5, 2018: Working Meeting

May 10, 2018: Second Working Meeting

July 19, 2018: Community Field Trip

August 3, 2018: Booth at Parks After Dark Resource Fair

Stephen Sorensen Park | 16801 E Avenue P, Lake Los Angeles, CA 93591



The community of Lake Los Angeles is in the eastern portion of the Antelope Valley.  As of the 2000 Census, it had the largest population of any unincorporated community in the Valley.  Many portions of the community are developed or partially developed with a wide range of uses and a distinctly rural character.  The remaining portions are largely undeveloped and generally not served by existing infrastructure, include environmental resources, such as buttes and Significant Ecological Areas, and are subject to safety hazards, such as Flood Zones.

A more detailed description of the Lake Los Angeles community can be found in the Community-Specific Land Use Concepts chapter of the Antelope Valley Area Plan.