AV CSDs: Where?

As more folks are learning about our project, we wanted to share a series of posts that introduce the project – the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How! 

(Information has been updated to reflect conditions as of time of posting)


This is the third in a series that will cover the basics of the Antelope Valley Community Standards Districts Update Project.

Where is this project located? What communities are going to have their CSDs established or updated? Is my property going to be affected?


Now that you know what the project is proposing to do, and why you should get involved, the next question you might have is where is this project going to cover? 

The communities that will be having their CSDs created or updated only include those communities that requested a CSD or an update to the CSD. Currently there are 14 proposed CSDs that are being created or updated:


Antelope Acres


Green Valley

Lake Los Angeles

Leona Valley


Quartz Hill


Sun Village

Three Points



Elizabeth Lake and Lake Hughes


This list can change if a community would like to be added. There are other communities in the Antelope Valley that are not included in the current AV CSDs Update Project, as they have not requested a new or updated CSD.


Community Standards Districts

While a list of communities might be helpful to show generally where this project is, some communities have boundaries that still need to be defined.

The County Department of Regional Planning (Regional Planning) has boundaries of many of the communities in the Antelope Valley and you can see them, along with other data if you go to our GIS site: http://planning.lacounty.gov/gisnet3

Some communities have proposed boundaries CSDs that overlap other CSDs or other Town Council areas. As part of our project, Regional Planning will be making mapping tools available for everyone to help determine community boundaries and help residents identify where they would like the proposed CSD standards for their community to apply.

One such tool is Map.Social, which is an online mapping tool to help us better understand your community. The project’s Map.Social page includes some general information on how to get started, and more detailed instructions will be available on this webpage soon.


Individual Properties

Even if there is a proposed new or updated CSD in your community, it doesn’t mean that there will be changes that affect your property specifically. All CSDs will have standards that apply depending on the community, the specific location of your lot, the zone your property is in, or the type of use existing or being proposed on your property. The best way to be informed of potential changes, is to stay involved in the project.


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