The Acton CSD was adopted and came into effect in 1995 and updated in 2012. The CSD sets out to protect and enhance the rural, equestrian and agricultural character of the community and its sensitive features including Significant Ecological Areas, floodplains, hillsides, National Forest, archaeological resources, multipurpose trail system, and Western heritage architectural theme.

The full legal text of the Acton CSD can be found in Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the County Code.

The Acton CSD is proposed to be updated as part of this effort.



A list of all AV CSDs meetings and events can be found on the Meetings and Hearings page.



June 7, 2018: Working Meeting

July 9, 2018: Second Working Meeting and Community Field Trip



The community of Acton is located in the southwestern portion of the Antelope Valley, south of the City of Palmdale along State Route 14.  The community is adjacent to the National Forest, and natural hillsides and significant ridgelines separate the community from the City of Palmdale and the remainder of the Antelope Valley.  Community residents are concerned about urbanization of the area and wish to remain an unincorporated rural community with a unique identity.

A more detailed description of the Acton community can be found in the Community-Specific Land Use Concepts chapter of the Antelope Valley Area Plan.