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FF-NET now available.

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Revised Draft Florence-Firestone Community Plan - Coming Soon

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Building on the community’s vision of the future, DRP recently completed the Draft Florence-Firestone Community Plan (Draft Plan), which is now available for review and comment. Part of the Los Angeles County General Plan, the Draft Plan addresses: Land Use; Community Design and Maintenance; Community Services and Facilities; Economic Development; Health and Safety; Housing; Mobility; and, Open Space and Recreation. The Draft Plan also includes a Land Use Policy Map, which assigns a new land use designation to each and every parcel within the community. Finally, an Implementation section is included to help move the Draft Plan from policies to action.

You may view a large format version of the Draft Proposed Land Use Map here.

Draft Zone Change Ordinance

Was your parcel affected by a zone change?

With the adoption of the General Plan by the Board of Supervisors in 10/6/15, zone changes were made to implement the land use policy map and resolve existing or newly created inconsistencies between land use and zoning. A community-wide proposed zoning map is attached to the Draft Zone Change Ordinance. The zone changes will require updates to 7 zone district maps, which collectively comprise Florence-Firestone. They are: No. 7 (Walnut Park); No. 15 (Stark Palms); No. 41 (Central Gardens); No. 44 (Roosevelt Park); No. 58 (Gage-Holmes); No. 60 (Compton-Florence); and, No. 64 (Firestone Park).

The Draft Zone Change Ordinance is available here. You may also view a large format version of the Adopted Zone Change Map here, and the updated Community Zoning map here (this particular map also includes the community of Walnut Park.

A web-based GIS application called FF-NET was developed specifically for the Florence-Firestone community and is now available here.

Draft Florence-Firestone Community Standards District (CSD) Update

Florence-Firestone-specific regulations are being revised

Part of the Los Angeles County Zoning Ordinance, also known as Title 22, the Florence-Firestone CSD is a set of supplemental zoning regulations developed especially for, and applicable only within, the unincorporated area of Florence-Firestone. The CSD was established in 2004 to help enhance the appearance of the community, promote property maintenance, and improve compatibility between land uses. The purpose of the revision is to provide enhanced clarity with regard to key implementation and enforcement issue areas.

The Draft Florence-Firestone CSD Update is available here. You may also view a large format version of the Draft CSD Update Map here.

Phases Target Date
Revised Draft Plan May 2016
Community Meeting and Outreach June 2016
Regional Planning Commission Hearing July 2016
Board of Supervisors Hearing November 2016

Project History

The Florence-Firestone Community Plan is a participatory planning initiative that seeks to develop a long-range, comprehensive plan for the community of Florence-Firestone. Development of the Plan is a highly collaborative and iterative process. Community members and County agency staff work together to identify the issues and craft long-term goals and policies to help realize the common vision. The Plan is an outgrowth of a visioning process conducted in 2009, which yielded a Vision Plan and Vision Poster. In 2011, through a collaborative public participation process, that vision evolved into a Community Plan Poster and Preliminary Draft Community Plan.

Public Outreach, Workshops and Hearings

Community participation is at the heart of the planning process. Residents, business owners and other stakeholders were invited to share their ideas regarding the future of Florence-Firestone at a series of community workshops in 2009. The result of these workshops was the Florence-Firestone Vision Plan. A second series of workshops was held in 2011 to refine the broad direction provided in the Vision Plan and to develop components of the Community Plan. Throughout the planning process, DRP staff reports to, and receives direction from, the Regional Planning Commission. Below please find summaries and materials from each event, workshop or hearing held to date.


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