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East Los Angeles 3rd Street Specific Plan

The East Los Angeles Third Street Form-Based Code Amendment is scheduled for a public hearing to be conducted by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on October 22, 2019 at 9:30am.

Board of Supervisors Project Materials
- Board Letter
- Proposed Ordinance
- Project Summary
- RPC Resolution
- Environmental Determination
- GIS Maps

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission recommended the adoption of an amendment to the East Los Angeles Third Street Form-Based Code Amendment.

The proposed project is an amendment of the existing East Los Angeles Third Street Form-Based Code ordinance to make the standards and requirements easier to understand and implement. This update will consist of minor edits which will clarify specific standards. No new development or land use changes are proposed with this project.

The East Los Angeles Third Street Form-Based Code Amendment is scheduled for a public hearing to be conducted by the Regional Planning Commission on July 31, 2019 at 9:00am.
Project materials related to this public hearing can be found at: http://planning.lacounty.gov/case

Regional Planning Commission Project Materials:
- RPC Package
- Staff Analysis
Proposed Ordinance
- Project Summary
- Resolution
- GIS Maps
- Environmental Determination
- Agency Correspondence
- Additional Materials Memo

For more information regarding this project, please contact the Community Studies East Section at (213) 974-6425 or email at commplan@planning.lacounty.gov.
Si necesita más información o si tiene algún comentario acerca del proyecto, por favor comuníquece al (213) 974-6427 o por correo electrónico a commplan@planning.lacounty.gov.


On November 12, 2014, the County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance that amended Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los Angeles County Code to create the East Los Angeles Third Street Form-Based Code Specific Plan (“Plan”). The ordinance became effective December 12, 2014.

The Plan guides and fosters transit-supportive development around the Metro Gold Line stations, as well as stabilizes and enhances the adjoining residential neighborhoods. This Plan is the product of the collective efforts and input of the East Los Angeles Planning Advisory Committee (ELAPAC), county staff, neighborhood residents, and business and property owners. The Plan builds upon the substantial public investment and transformative opportunity created by the Gold Line extension into East Los Angeles. The Plan establishes new development standards and strategies to encourage and support a sustainable, transit-supportive, pedestrian-friendly, and economically vibrant community.

Form-Based Code

The Plan utilizes a form-based development code to guide new development. Form-based codes are an innovative alternative to conventional zoning that focus on the form of buildings rather than the separation of land uses. Form-based codes include specifications of what uses are permitted in a building or zone, but the attention is on the physical character of development, particularly how it relates to the public realm that everyone shares. For more information about Form-Base Code see:


All property within the Specific Plan area is assigned one of eight Transect Zones which are defined as designated areas governed by the regulations set forth in the Form-Based Code. The Transect Zones are:

  • 3rd Street (TOD)
  • Cesar E. Chavez Avenue (CC)
  • 1st Street (FS)
  • Atlantic Boulevard (AB)
  • Neighborhood Center (NC)
  • Low-Medium Density Residential (LMD)
  • Civic (CV)
  • Open Space (OS)

A property’s Transect Zone can be looked up in the Geographic Information System (GIS). After searching for the property, select the “Specific Plan – 3rd Street (East LA)” layer in the “Zoning and Land Use folder”.

Transect Zone development standards are located in Section 22.46.2990 and 22.46.3000 of the Los Angeles County Code.



Contact the Land Development Coordinating Center (LDCC) at (213) 974-6411 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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