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Management Listing

Contact Information for DRP Management Staff

Director of Planning
BODEK, Amy J. 974-6405
Chief Deputy Director
SLAVIN, Dennis 974-6405
NATOLI, Gina, Hearing Officer 974-3426
MOORE, Julie, UAS Liaison 974-3426
Current Planning
ZUR SCHMIEDE, Robert, Deputy Director 213-974-6405
GLASER, Mitch, Assistant Administrator 974-4971
GLASER, Robert, Coastal Permits 974-4808
SAINZ, Carmen, Field Offices 974-6470
FOUNTAIN, Gary, Land Division Research 974-5035
HUNTINGTON, Joshua, Land Divisions 974-6433
HERWICK, Mark, LDCC 974-6470
MASIS, Maria, Zoning Permits East 974-6435
DEA, Samuel, Zoning Permits North 974-6443
PAIDAR, Nooshin, Zoning Permits West 974-6462
Land Use Regulation
SANABRIA, Jon, Deputy Director 974-6431
GARCIA, Alex, Zoning Enforcement East 974-6483
GOMEZ, Oscar, Zoning Enforcement North 974-6483
ARANDA, Diane, Zoning Enforcement West 974-6453
Advance Planning
Deputy Director 974-6457
KIM, Mi, Community Studies East 974-6425
TAE, Susie, Community Studies North 974-6476
Community Studies West 974-6422
CHUNG, Connie, Housing 974-6417
HACHIYA, Pat, Environmental Planning and Sustainability 974-6461
DURBIN,Bruce, Ordinance Studies 974-6432
Information & Fiscal Services
HORVATH, Joseph, Administrative Deputy 974-6533
IZAGUIRRE-GOMEZ, Carmen, Administrative Services 974-4442
CHIN, Karen, Budget & Accounting 974-6489
FRANCHINO, Nick, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 893-0881
HORVATH, Joseph, Human Resources 974-6677
CHEN, Hsiao-Ching, Strategic Planning and Program Services 974-6559
REMOLLINO, Mark, Systems Analysis 974-1052